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Little Alchemy 1.4

A game about exploration and item crafting
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Explore the open world presented with interactive graphics and collect resources to conduct alchemic experiments and combine different elements to get desired substances. The game is browser-based and features various hints. Its difficulty is at the casual level.

Little Alchemy is a neat and simple remake of the popular Alchemy game. Alchemy is a pretty simple puzzle game that got really popular especially on portable devices and smart phones. It’s both entertaining and relaxing. The object of the game is to combine elements to create new ones. You start with four basic elements (fire, water, earth and air), and by combining and recombining them you will discover new ones. For example, combining fire with water will create steam, and mixing steam with earth will create a geyser. The more elements you find, the harder the game becomes.

I really liked the original Android-based Alchemy game, so I was really thrilled to check Little Alchemy too. The good part is that it’s very similar to the original Alchemy game. Even the elements are the same, so I was able to enjoy mixing elements and discovering new ones in the same manner as with the original game. The bad part is that it doesn’t come as a stand-alone Windows application that can be downloaded and run separately, without any requirements or additional efforts. It only comes as a Pokki app, as a Chrome app, or as an app for portable systems like iOS and Android. It can also be played directly in the web browser at the address.

I used the Pokki app for testing Little Alchemy, but I didn’t like having to install the entire Pokki framework for this little game. Other than that, I couldn’t find any other downsides or reasons to criticize. Since it’s also free, Little Alchemy gets my recommendation. It’s a creative puzzle game that can entertain and relax at the same time, as it’s very simple and it doesn’t get too challenging until late game.

Margie Smeer
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  • Simple to learn and easy to play
  • Free
  • Some basic settings are also available
  • Includes some simple yet handy help instructions


  • Doesn't come as a standalone app for Windows
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